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Short-term accommodation and shared living

What we offer

We offer a range of accommodation and shared living to help to develop an individual’s skills so that they can live independently. This includes short-term accommodation and support (e.g. respite care).

What we do

Making the shift towards independence in one particular setting can be a challenge for some people. To empower people to achieve this we offer accommodation and respite options for individuals with disabilities.

How we help

Our experience has shown us that a stay in a different setting can be hugely beneficial for the well-being and development of the people we work with. We offer a range of accommodation and work with individuals to match them to housing that suits their needs.

Our accommodation
services includes

Respite and short-term accommodation

which offers individuals a safe, supportive environment to stay in for a short time. Our accommodation is staffed by our trained and experienced teams and we offer short stays to give people the opportunity to meet others and take part in a range of activities to support their well-being, development, and independence

Our Supported Independent Living

accommodation offers targeted, specialist support for individuals to empower them to live independently. While staying in this specialist accommodation, individuals benefit from constant support and training to empower them do everything from cooking and shopping to budgeting and cleaning.

We offer a wide-ranging program of activities that help the people we work with to boost their skills and socialize with others. This includes creative art, focused exercise, outdoor activities, cooking, and much more.