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Welcome to our family, we are here to help

We have a dedicated and trained team with more than 20 years of experience. Together, we help individuals to:

Equality Healthcare Services

Achieve their goals

Equality Disability and Health Care Services

Become independent

Equality Disability and Health Care Services

Learn new skills

Our story

Our team is led by Sam and Macy - health care experts with a passion for supporting people with disabilities to live independently.

Sam’s story
Sam’s experience in the healthcare industry ranges from psychiatric hospitals and working with children to high-intensity one-on-one services. He also has experience in the implementation of behavior support plans.

Macy’s story
Macy started her career in the childcare sector in 2002 in the Netherlands. Her vast experience in healthcare includes 15 years working with children with special needs. She has qualifications in early childhood teaching and social work and is also experienced in aged care and bowel care management.